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Oriental Shuffle is a gipsy jazz unit formed in 2014. On the front line, Yoshihiko Miyazaki, a jazz clarinetist whose horizons range form old school to modern jazz, and Ibuki Sakano, a self-taught guitarist whose playing brims with a sense freedom. Laying the ground for them is the rhythm section, Nicolas Carré a french guitarist delivering a tight rhythm, and Kumiko Imakyurei, a double-bass player bringing a rich and steady foundation. The band name, originally one of Django’s composition, represents equally the French-Japanese mix within the band, its system of rotating leadership, as well as the syncopated sense of swing characteristic of this music.

Yoshihiko Miyazaki (cl)

He first discovers jazz while at Hosei university, and later becomes Eiji Tanuguchi’s student. Today he is active in a wide range of styles, from swing, gipsy, to modern jazz. Winner of the best soloist prize at the 33rd Asakusa jazz contest in Tokyo.

Ibuki Sakano (g)

After teaching himself guitar from a young age, he starts his musician career at 16. Today he mainly focuses on gipsy jazz, and performs within multiple bands in Japan.

Nicolas Carré (g)

Born in France in 1980, he discovers Django in his twenties, and since then dedicates himself to the music of the master. He is currently active in several bands in Japan.

Kumiko Imakyurei (b)

She takes on double-bass while at Musashino art school. She has gathered a long experience on stage with many gipsy jazz units in Japan. She is the student of the contrabass player and composer Hiroaki Mizutani.